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Our purpose is to provide a great team to be part of, in which respect for others stands out, credibility and trust, professional and personal growth, impartiality and in general a strong motivation are all present. We want to be recognized as one of the best audit, consulting and business consulting firms to work for. To support the professional growth of our team, our work approach includes the following aspects:

  • Practice of students or recent graduates in different areas or assignments with supervision of experienced staff,

  • Analysis and joint definition of the technical areas of particular interest,

  • Assignment to the identified technical areas (mentioned in the previous point),

  • Permanent technical feedback process,

  • Continuous learning, supported by university degrees and / or certifications issued by recognized educational institutions at the national and / or international level.

Regarding the development of management skills, which accompany our technical skills, helping us maintain the best professional relationships with our clients and within our firm, our approach includes the following aspects:

  • The experienced staff level initiates resource management practices, such as work teams, project times and budgets,

  • At the level of an experienced consultant, you will be able to manage and supervise more than one project at the same time, together with the support of a more experienced professional,

  • Will have the opportunity to give trainings, to carry out and / or lead presentations at different levels of organizations,

  • Based on experience in handling simple and complex technical matters, as well as in the administration of resources, you will be able to achieve better skills in the identification and administration of risks,

  • As well as in the technical part, for managerial skills analysis and joint definition of the areas of particular interest is required, and

  • Permanent feedback process, based on permanent performance self-evaluations, followed by feedback meetings and complemented by participation in our internal training programs (eg seminars or talks within our firm) and external (v. Gr. programs at recognized universities)

For JGS it is important to demonstrate our growth in technical and managerial skills, aligned with the fulfillment of our values, in our daily professional life, as part of our leading team.


Accounting Assistant

We are looking for an Accounting Assistant with an excellent attitude of internal and external customer service. Indefinite term contract. Interested send the resume to the email and indicate salary aspiration

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