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External Audit

What is it?

An objective and independent evaluation on: financial statements, specific items of the financial statements, processes executed in specific areas of the organization, compliance with accounting policies, compliance with accounting regulations applicable to the entity and evaluation of internal control.

We act as external auditors of accounting and financial information of individual companies and national and international economic groups prepared under different accounting principles, such as US GAAP, IFRS and IPSAS.

Our approach

Our approach is aligned with the International Auditing Standards (risk approach and effective internal control systems). We are known for using a work methodology tailored to our clients and current best practices, which aims to detect potential or real significant issues.

Our risk approach consists of identifying and evaluating the risks of material errors or substantial aspects through the understanding of the Entity or area to be audited, its environment and its internal control; this understanding is a continuous and dynamic process of obtaining, updating and analyzing information during the audit, which allows us to give recommendations and propose action plans with the purpose of improving or consolidating the processes.

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