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Controls Evaluations

What is it?

It includes the knowledge and review of the Company's processes based on their characterization, which allows the identification and evaluation of key controls, considering the following revisions: i. if the controls exist, ii. if its design is adequate, and iii. if they are operating effectively in order to mitigate the objective risks.

In addition, if the Company requires it, because it has given priority to the "core" of its business, we support the documentation and improvement of processes with emphasis on the implementation of the best internal control practices.

Our approach

Our approach is based on the application of the following activities: i. Understanding of the Company's business, its processes and its information systems, ii. Identification and assessment of risks, iii Evaluation of the processes and recommendations on improvement opportunities in them, iv. Identification of existing key controls or recommendations to implement effective key controls, v. Review of the design of the controls, with emphasis on the best practices of internal control, and vi. Review of the operational efficiency of the controls.

We support the documentation of automated and agile processes that support the generation of value of the Company and we seek to identify "bottlenecks" that may curb key business operations.

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