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Consultoría Financiera

What is it?

Together with our clients, we define the objective and scope of the work, specifying the specific, independent reviews in accordance with the International Standards applied in Colombia, on accounting and financial information, transactions, significant processes, tax compliance; among others, which may have an effect on the sale or purchase price of the business.

Our approach

Complying with International Standards applied in Colombia, in accordance with ISRS 4400, the auditor plans and develops the review procedures, to specific items of the financial information to obtain adequate evidence regarding the issues on which the auditor should issue the report.

Considering our experience in countless industries, companies, internal control systems, different accounting rules or principles and in general risk identification, we issue a report that allows us to understand our clients nature and scope of the work carried out.

This report contains the identification of the specific financial or non-financial information on which the agreed procedures were applied and summarizes the significant matters detected which we inform our clients of as soon as possible.

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