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About us

In addition to the extensive experience of our team, many of us have been part of the most important audit and consulting firms, we have provided services to exceed the satisfaction of our clients, relating to IFRS, fiscal audit, financial audit, internal audit, due diligence accounting and tax, controls according to COSO and SOX Law, accounting outsourcing, taxes and payroll, financial consulting (hedge accounting, derivatives, impairment and PPA) and transfer pricing.

Our experienced team, which has the opportunity to provide effective solutions for your needs and exceed your expectations, has between 5 and 15 years of experience in the provision of professional services.


We are a firm committed to providing effective solutions to companies in the region and develop the potential and skills of our people.


To be recognized as the leading national firm by 2025, which supports the generation of business value, through the provision of professional services related to accounting processes, financial statements, risk management systems and internal control.

Corporate values

Our Services
  1. Compromise: We fully comply with the agreements  with our clients, always giving priority to satisfy their expectations in terms of quality and stipulated times, always respecting the laws that govern our services and the culture of our clients.

  2. Continuous improvement: We are continuously improving our internal and external processes, ensuring high levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of our services.

  3. Professional excellence: We commit ourselves daily to reinforce our professional skills and abilities, through continuous learning and the creation of new knowledge.

  4. Teamwork: We provide integral and effective solutions to our clients, through the promotion of teamwork and the creation of interdisciplinary teams, providing high value to organizations.

Generation of value

  1. We provide effective solutions and support the generation of value, through the active participation of a team of experts in the application of standards and best national and international practices, such as:

  2. International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS.

  3. Information Assurance Rules - NAI.

  4. International Auditing Standards - NIA.

  5. Internal Control according to COSO and SOX Law.

  6. Tax Statute and Commercial Code, among others.

COFACE Certificate

The certificate is valid: July 2019.

JGS & Asociados SAS
NIT. 900444253

It has satisfactorily met the parameters of Supplier Qualification and as a result of the analysis obtained a total score of 99 out of 100. In accordance with the criteria established by COFACE, this supplier approves as suitable to establish long-term business relationships.

The qualification was elaborated based on the information sent by the provider and the information obtained by third parties. COFACE verified the data it considered necessary with information from external sources and with original supporting documentation provided by the company. The information contained herein is provided based on the client's request. COFACE is not responsible for the improper use that may be given to this certificate.

The certificate is valid: July 2019.

Literal transcription of the original certificate issued by COFACE.

ICAEW in IFRS – International Certificate


ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) is a leading international professional organization that promotes, develops and supports public accountants throughout the world. It offers qualifications and professional development, shares its knowledge, technical experience, and intelligence, and protects the quality and integrity of the accounting and financial profession.

One of its qualifications is recognized internationally as “IFRS´s Learning and Assessment Program”, an IFRS learning and evaluation program designed for professionals involved in the preparation and use of financial statements prepared under this regulatory framework, and which provides an overview of all current international financial information standards of the private sector.

Our partners and leading managers of IFRS implementation projects in Colombian companies have certified their knowledge in IFRS under the learning program offered by ICAEW, as part of the minimum requirements demanded by our internal policies to offer quality and sufficiency services to our customers.

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