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Financial Consulting

What is it?

Advice, accompaniment and consultancy in the different processes and activities related to treasury operations, capital market investments, financial risk hedges, financial instruments under the International Financial Reporting Standards, asset impairment evaluation and purchase price allocation in the acquisition of business (PPA).

Our approach

The services focus on:

  • Advice on controls and treasury management: Strengthening treasury controls through risk-based review.

  • Capital Market: Providing best practices regarding investment policies and risks, controls, procedures, segregation of duties, reports and methodologies for measuring risks.

  • Derivatives and Risk coverage: Application of knowledge in basic derivatives, valuation and accounting treatment according to risk management strategies and application of hedge accounting.

  • Measurement of Financial Instruments: Application of valuation methodologies of financial instruments measured at fair value and amortized cost and development of asset impairment models measured at amortized cost.

  • Asset Impairment Assessment: We support companies in estimating the recoverable value of assets and Cash Generating Units.

  • Purchase price allocation - PPA: Our experience and knowledge allow us to identify and value tangible and intangible assets acquired, liabilities assumed and goodwill of business purchase transactions, for recognition at fair value.

Design e
of controls
Monitoring and
of controls
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