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External Audit

An objective and independent evaluation on: financial statements, specific items of the financial statements, processes executed in specific areas of the organization, compliance with accounting policies, compliance with accounting regulations applicable to the entity and evaluation of internal control.

Internal Audit

Independent and objective activity, aimed at the evaluation of processes, risks, internal control, accounting operations and other matters, in order to improve the operations of an Organization and thus achieve its objectives.

Financial Consulting

Advice, accompaniment and consultancy in the different processes and activities related to treasury operations, capital market investments, financial risk hedges, financial instruments under the International Financial Reporting Standards, asset impairment evaluation and purchase price allocation in the acquisition of business (PPA).

Due Diligence

Together with our clients, we define the objective and scope of the work, specifying the specific, independent reviews in accordance with the International Standards applied in Colombia, on accounting and financial information, transactions, significant processes, tax compliance; among others, which may have an effect on the sale or purchase price of the business.

Controls Evaluations

It includes the knowledge and review of the Company's processes based on their characterization, which allows the identification and evaluation of key controls, considering the following revisions:

i. if the controls exist,

ii. if its design is adequate, and

iii. if they are operating effectively in order to mitigate the objective risks.


Companies in Colombia obliged to keep accounts, belonging to groups 1 and 2, must keep their accounting records and issue their financial statements under full International Financial Reporting Standards (full IFRS) or the IFRS for SMEs, in force during each annual court, in accordance with the progressive modifications made by the National Government to the Sole Regulatory Decree 2420 of 2015, which contains the accounting regulatory framework of Colombia.


Our clients' top management or management focuses on their business objectives, while our main purpose is to support them in the management of their accounting processes according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS - IFRS), payroll and tax compliance. , providing effective solutions that allow timely compliance with the legal provisions in force in Colombia.

Transfer Pricing

The numerous operations in international trade, the high level of integration of operations, as well as the hemispheric tendency of the tax authorities to implement controls on taxes, have led to the determination of Transfer Pricing and allocation of income and assets. For taxpayers this is an aspect of fundamental importance in the agendas of multinationals and tax authorities.

Risk Assessment

Advice on the identification and assessment of key business risks, based on the strategy - growth - return relationship, seeking in this way a practical risk culture and methodology, in the search for value.

Ethics Programmes

Accompaniment in the design and adoption of the Business Ethics Program, as provided by the Superintendence of Companies in Resolution 2657 of 2016, which establishes the criteria on legal entities that are obliged to implement internal anti-corruption mechanisms in order to prevent acts of transnational bribery.

Statutory Audit

An objective and independent evaluation of the financial statements of the Companies prepared under Accounting Standards and Financial Information in force in Colombia (NCIF - IFRS in force in Colombia and applicable to the Company), and review of compliance with certain legal obligations of the Companies in Colombia.


Advice on the design and implementation of risk management systems for the prevention and detection of the risk of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (MLTF) in companies. Our advice is aimed at companies from different sectors of the economy that are obliged to comply with policies and processes aimed at preventing them from being involved in criminal matters due to the absence of adequate prevention and risk detection controls.


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