Public Accountant of the Universidad del Atlántico, with more than 8 years of professional experience through links with some of the most important national and international companies in the manufacturing and professional services sectors, of which most were linked to Deloitte, one of the first and most important multinational auditing firms, through which he developed important works in large national and international companies from different sectors of the economy.

His experience in the work carried out includes: planning, execution and supervision of financial audits, audit of consolidation processes with domestic and foreign subsidiaries, preparation and conversion of financial statements in accordance with IFRS - IFRS, previously agreed procedures, review and evaluation of internal control systems, business advisory services for important economic groups in Colombia and subsidiaries of foreign companies from different sectors of the economy, preparation of consolidated financial statements, preparation of financial statements under IFRS - IFRS and IPSAS, fiscal audit, accounting and financial due diligence .

Implementation of NICSP for Entity belonging to Resolution 414, preparation and transmission of quarterly reports through the CHIP platform to the General Accounting Office of the Nation, in the category of public accounting information, public accounting convergence information and internal accounting control and evaluation report of internal accounting control.