Professional in Finance and International Relations, with a Masters in Financial Management. She has over 14 years of professional experience, of which 8 were through liaison with the multinational audit firm Deloitte, through which she developed important work in large groups of the financial sector and national and international companies in the real estate sector.

Her experience includes: financial consulting in analysis, valuation and evaluation of financial sector portfolios in conjunction with its financial risk management policies, conversion processes and adoption to IFRS, particularly in matters of financial instruments, classification and measurement, asset impairment financial, implicit derivatives analysis and advice on hedge accounting; development of work programs for the detection of risks in the treasury areas of companies in the real and financial sector; operational verification of controls implemented in the front, middle and back office; internal control of large companies in the financial sector and financial auditing of companies and economic groups in the Financial, Real and Oil & Gas Sectors.

She has led training processes for auditing practice in the area of financial risks and other technical training for clients on International Standards and its application in both Basic and Derivative Financial Instruments.

Some of the companies in which she has developed the aforementioned works are: Tranzas, GTD Flywan, Biotoscana, Interquim, Grupo Argos, Grupo EPM, Grupo BBVA, Banco Corpbanca, Banco Agrario and Ecopetrol among others.