Bachelor in Economics and Master in Economics from the University of San Andrés (Argentina). After 6 years working in the transfer pricing division of Deloitte (Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Mexico) and PwC Argentina, it currently supports multinational companies in planning, preparing documentation and dealing with transfer pricing disputes.

For more than 16 years, he has participated as a principal consultant in more than 250 planning and documentation projects with local, regional and global reach in direct coordination with professionals from Atlanta, California, Washington and Chicago. The projects led by Estanislao, reach several industries: bioscientific, automotive, energy, chemical, telecommunications, public services, agriculture, financial services, high technology and mass consumption.

He has taught courses in Economics, Econometrics and Public Finance in universities in Argentina and participated as an exhibitor in training sessions for officials of the tax administrations of Argentina (AFIP), Colombia (DIAN) and Peru (SUNAT). He has also given seminars and workshops on transfer pricing in the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (Peru), Chamber of Commerce of the United States, the National Institute of Public Accountants (Colombia), Chamber of Importers of the Argentine Republic (Argentina) and the Argentine Association of Fiscal Studies (Argentina). In 2004, Estanislao was distinguished by the National Institute of Public Accountants of Colombia for his professional contribution in the field of transfer pricing. Since 2003, Estanislao is a consulting partner in transfer pricing for Latin America and responsible for the comprehensive monitoring of projects.