What is it?

Advice on the identification and assessment of key business risks, based on the strategy - growth - return relationship, seeking in this way a practical risk culture and methodology, in the search for value.

We ensure that our clients are aware of the importance of adequately identifying risks, and that in the assessment of them are taking into account different internal and external factors, becoming a strategic tool for decision making.

Our approach

Our advice is based on the conceptual frameworks developed for risk management practices, such as COSO-ERM, ISO 31000 and Basel. According to the needs, size, structure and level of progress in the risk management of our clients, we welcome the elements and activities that best adapt to their internal control model and processes, seeking to tailor the risk management system for each company.

We aim to integrate the different elements of risk and control into systematic methodologies that contemplate and incorporate good risk management practices and processes, with the current rules and regulations, in such a way that the Organizations can execute effective risk management practices, in accordance with compliance with external and internal policies and regulations.

We have extensive experience in companies from different sectors of the economy, which allow us to share knowledge about the main risks faced by the Organizations, as well as mitigation and control practices.

Our specialist team

Specialized in areas such as risk management, processes, internal control, internal audit and compliance, to provide advice and support to our clients in the design and implementation of comprehensive risk management systems.

We have participated in the design and implementation of risk management systems of recognized companies. Likewise, we have made accompaniment in the evaluation of the current state of maturity of different internal control systems, based on the premises of the elements of Government - Risk and Compliance.