What is it?

Advice on the design and implementation of risk management systems for the prevention and detection of the risk of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (MLTF) in companies. Our advice is aimed at companies from different sectors of the economy that are obliged to comply with policies and processes aimed at preventing them from being involved in criminal matters due to the absence of adequate prevention and risk detection controls.

Our services are aimed at advising or accompanying companies to comply with the provisions issued by the different Superintendencies, the Financial Information and Analysis Unit, the National Tax and Customs Directorate - DIAN and other entities.

Our approach

Our methodology in the design of Risk Management Systems of MLTF is in line with the ISO 31000 standard. We adopt the elements of identification, evaluation and monitoring of the risks of MLTF, aligned to each business, size and particular characteristics of our clients, to establish policies and processes for knowledge and monitoring of customers, employees, suppliers and partners or shareholders.

We seek to align ourselves with the models of governance and internal control of our clients, proposing the improvements and updates identified, to ensure that the risk management system of MLTF is integrated with the different elements of control, as well as with existing IT technology. in the different operating processes.

Our specialist team

We have a team with extensive experience in the design and implementation of risk management systems of MLTF in different types of companies, accepting the different regulations issued by the inspection and monitoring entities.

We have been advisors and obtained very good ratings of our SARLAFT services in health entities, real estate companies, concessionaires, retail businesses, surveillance companies and private security, among others.

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