Ethics Programmes

What is it?

Accompaniment in the design and adoption of the Business Ethics Program, as provided by the Superintendence of Companies in Resolution 2657 of 2016, which establishes the criteria on legal entities that are obliged to implement internal anti-corruption mechanisms in order to prevent acts of transnational bribery.

The foregoing, as part of the administrative instructions given in development of Law 1778 of 2016, which establishes the rules on the liability of legal persons for acts of transnational corruption.

Our approach

Our approach is to advise on the design and monitoring of the adoption of Business Ethics Programs is based on the eight (8) principles established in the implementation guide issued by the Superintendence of Companies, as well as the standard for the evaluation of ISO 31000 risks.

We also align ourselves with the elements that corporate compliance programs must contain, including, among others, the commitments and policies to be complied with by Management, employees, partners, shareholders and interested parties in relation to acts of bribery, fraud or corruption.
También nos alineamos con los elementos que debe contener los programas de cumplimiento corporativo, que incluyen entre otros, los compromisos y políticas a cumplir por parte de la Gerencia, los empleados, socios, accionistas y partes interesadas en relación con actos de soborno, fraude o corrupción.

Our specialist team

Our team has extensive knowledge in different industries, organizational cultures, processes, risks, internal control systems, information systems; which strengthens our experience to support the design and implementation of Business Ethics Programs.

Our professionals also have knowledge in identifying and assessing the risks of corruption, bribery and fraud, with which we seek to provide our clients with comprehensive knowledge regarding the establishment of policies, practices and methodologies in accordance with the corporate governance model of every organization.

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